Friday, April 30, 2004


I just have to go...
Great too that today we had new locks installed in our house and I don't have keys and my husband just left, warning me that I might have to wait for a couple of minutes....Right.

I can't wait

I feel like this week was twice as long as usual. I was not able to get to bed on time all week. My right shoulder/arm hurts like crazy. I am staring to get cranky and I still have to spent way too much time here.
I wish I could just sneak out of here, but that'll never happen.
Oh well, I am thinking about getting my cable modem this week and getting hooked up with my Internet crap. But there are sooo many other things I would love to get done. I need new shoes, and I am not one of those people/women that buys new shoes every week. The shoes I wear at work are about 7 years ole, but they look good. I clean them all the time. But since I have been walking so much lately I really need some good running/walking shoes. The ones I am wearing now are too loose and I HAVE to wear them like that.
I also would like to get some summer clothes, some pants and jeans and a couple of shirts....a bathing suit wouldn't be bad, but then I don't even know if I'll get to go swimming this year, but you never know.
I know what's gonna happen. I won't be able to make up my mind and then I don't want to waste the money on anything and I'll just sit at home and sleep and read and eat and drink whatever. Sounds good.

Money, Money, Money!!!!

I was so scared to pay the first mortgage payment and didn't want to have to get all of the money together, so I put aside the complete amount of the payment. Well, a couple of days ago I finally was able to revise our budget to make sure that each pay day the right bills get paid and to even the expenses out over the month. Well, I realized that I don't need to put that much aside to pay the mortgage and so I have a lot of money saved up now...this means that we'll be able to finish the basement sooner than expected!!!!!
I love it when everything works out.

It's funny because I remember just a little over a year ago everything looked a lot different. When the end of the month came and I had to get groceries I paid with credit cards or deposited money from my credit cards into the checking account. I had to wait to get clothes for the kids until the next month etc. It sucked. I don't ever want to be there again. Never.


I don't even know why I was thinking that today would be nice and relaxing since it is Friday.
The week started with a big boom and that is how it'll end.
It's almost time to eat already.

Thursday, April 29, 2004


I swear, this was the week from hell and it's not even over yet!
Well, I am packing my bags then I'll go home to (hopefully) relax and prepare for the last work day of the week.

Big Decision

I have decided to apply for the American citizenship. I have putting it off for so long and I just can't stand not being able to do the things I would like to do. I can't vote. I think that was one of the most important points, but there are so many other reasons. I just feel like I should. I live here, pay taxes, I am eligible for social security, and have so many other benefits here. The least I should do is to become a citizen.
So, I have been looking around online trying to find all the information etc. First thing is that I have to be a legal resident for at least 3 years if I'm married to an American citizen, which I am. However, even though I have been here for almost five years I didn't get my "Green Card" until two years ago. So I have to wait, but I can prepare everything and study!!!! I didn't think they still test you, but I think it's good. It'll force me to learn more about the US. Who knows maybe I'll go into American History afterwards??? Just kidding.
I already have a plan of what I'm going to do once I am a real American, but I keep that a secret for now.
INS here I come!!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Why all that stress at the end of the day???
I am so glad I get to go home now.


Those are a NBC4 BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!

Just read it here:

The snakehead is back.

What to do??

How about another stupid movie???

Answers Part 1

OK, SilverBlue was the first one to ask me questions.
here we go!

1. You lived in Germany and in America, traveled to 4 continents and many countries. Where would you like to live that you haven't so far?

I absolutely loved China. I think I could live there for a coupe of years. I was there in the Fall and the weather was really good. Beijing has a huge smog problem so the summers must be horrible. Also, it gets really cold there during the winter so I don't know if I would like that too much. But Beijing always was a place I wanted to go back to.

2. What is your favorite type of music?

I like a lot of different type of music. I have a huge collections of tapes back when I didn't have a CD player and so I recorded everything I could get my hands on. So those tapes are always playing in the car. Right now I have some Techno/House music. It's just a great kind of music to drive to. But then at home we usually listen to Jazz. I love German HipHop. I could never really get into the American R&B because I never could relate to the lyrics but for some reason they make more sense.
I am also a huge Janet Jackson fan. She is my hero.
There is so much more that I could list here but I would say it pretty much depends on my mood and what I feel like.
I don't like country though.

3. On a daily basis, do you find yourself being rude to people who snap at you, or do you attempt to be a "peace maker" that smoothes over problems when they occur?

Well it depends on who it is. I tend to snap at people too when I am stressed or in a bad mood. I always have stupid comments for people that I know better and sometimes that doesn't help the situation. Other people, like strangers on the street that are rude always get to hear an earful of German name calling. I just hope they don't understand me.
Overall I am probably more rude to people. But aren't Germans rude anyways?

Three Questions

OK, SilverBlue has a little fun activity thing going so I figured I participate.
He are the rules:

1. Ask me three questions (use the comments below, or send an email). These questions can be about anything at all. No subject is taboo.
2. In a future post (or posts if it takes more than one) I will answer your questions and be as honest as I can possibly be.
3. Along with your questions and my answers I will post a link to the person's weblog who asked me the questions.
4. After you ask me your questions cut and paste this text on your own weblog allowing other to ask you questions, which you will answer honestly in future posts (etc.)
The more people participate, the more it will spread.
Fun for all!

OK, any questions?
Let's go!


Ok, I just looked through my sitemeter thingie and someone was referred through ebay??? and it just aid else. Weird.
Also, a warm welcome to the user who found this blog all the way from Iran. Too bad I couldn't see how you got here...

They're watching us....

While looking around in the blogosphere, I came across this post over at Ted's linking to this article.

Very interesting. Well they can collect all the intelligence they find here.....and if they find any, just let me know because I could use some ;)

Good Morning

Today should be better and less stressful, which I really need.
It was really cold this morning. If I had balls I would have frozen them off (did I say that right???).
But now I got my coffee, I still have some energy left for the rest of the week. I'll leave early today and this should make this day a good one.
We'll see.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


And then I am so out of here....

No Time

This week is just going and going...
I hardly have any time to breathe. It's great too that they moved a meeting up to 30 minutes before I am going home. Seems to me like I will be taking the next train. GREAT! Well, rest assured that I will be leaving early tomorrow.
At least, I feel like I got something accomplished today. Not everything yet, but there's still time.
I still can't wait for the weekend, but who can?

Another Day

Good Morning Everybody!!!
Well, another day another problem....NO.
Everything is going great so far.
No new car, which is good because I'd rather keep my old(er) little baby. Who needs a new car? It was just too much they wanted for that.
Anyways, I am cold again and I don't think that this will ever change. It just means I have to go run my hands under hot water more often today and the rest of the summer. I am still wondering that if I was to get sick because of the temperature in here...would that fall under worker's compensation????? Technically, yes.
Well, maybe I should have a chat with out HR manager.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Four to Go

Monday is finally over for me. Just four more days and then it's the weekend. I really need that after this day.
How much can you do in a single day? And then walk home thinking that nothing was done. Absolutely nothing.


That's s good statement...
Anywyas, so we initially wanted to keep the cars the way they were after we moved but lately the "gotta-have-a-new-car" bug bit us. BUT, we only want one instead of two cars because now, that I walk to the train I hardly ever drive anymore and why spend so much money on something you hardly use? So, my husband had the great idea of buying a nice bigger car for travel etc. and an old tiny MG. So, for the last week he has been sending me links to various websites that sell them and now he found THE ONE!!!
Stupid thing is, I don't want to drive it. Well I do, but ever since I got my driver's license I haven't driven a car with a manual transmission. So, I get to learn how to drive again with my husband at my side...that'll be fun!!!!


I was just about to dwell on my wonderful lunch and how hungry I was until I realized that I write about eating and being hungry a lot.
So, that got me thinking about how others might interpret that and see me.
Now, I also know that many people think Germans are big, round people that talk like Arnold.
So, I just wanted to state here that I am not like that. I eat a lot and I despise everything that is low-carb, fat free or anything other than the way it was supposed to be.
BUT I don't look like that...YET!!! And my accent is hardly there, except to my husband who constantly makes fun of me.....but who cares about that???

Holy Shit

I swear, I have not been able to read two lines in a y article or blog since I got here.
Everybody wants something and I am trying to get it done, but then the next person comes and I just keep writing notes to do this pr that....
Well, now is LUNCH time and that is holy to me so I am in "ignore" mode.


Damn it.
Well it took only a little over four weeks but I am hooked up.
Of course, the guy came yesterday at about 2 PM and when he finally was done and I got ready to sit down and watch some good-old TV....NOTHING was on. Absolutely nothing.

Other than that we had a great weekend. Lots of rest.
Not much happened, I think.

Friday, April 23, 2004


Well it is that time of the week again. Time to reflect on everything that happened this week. NOT.
I am so out of here and will enjoy my weekend. I am so looking forward to Sunday. Nobody will be able to get me away from the TV again.
Have a great weekend!

Hell froze over

Well I never actually said that it will freeze over but it did (and I can feel it because I hardly feel my fingers anymore it is so damn cold in here).
On Sunday I will finally be part of civilization again. The cable guy is coming!!!!! Well, that's what they said anyways, so we'll see, but it's a good start. According to G. at Cox Cable the line was fixed....I didn't see anything being done, but then I wasn't home either. Also, no note was left at the door as promised.
So, we all have to patient now and maybe, just maybe I will be as happy as a little school girl when I get into work on Monday.

Thunderstorm and Lightning....

...very very frightening...ME!!!!!!
(I love that song)

It seems we'll get hit...well, a little thunderstorm s coming...that's what my weatherbug says anyways. With hail too!!!!!
Time to call the hubby and get him to pick me up tonight...I am not going to walk in this.

They fixed the AC

Too bad.
After everybody complained about the heat in our offices and me being finally comfortable, I am cold again. And I mean cold.
My jacket doesn't even help anymore and it's 81 degrees outside. I need to petition for working outside. They should issue laptops and because I'm so special I get two...well I have two PCs at work.
Whatever. Fact is, I am cold and will be for the rest of the year or summer. It sucks. I hate it when I go outside it takes about one hour until I am warm again.

In other news: I am glad I did not go to the Big M for a second lunch. Seems they have problems with fries today.

Bathroom Conversation

Ok, just heard it when I went to the restroom:

Two girls, young women, whatever. Let's call them A and B.

A: Do you like those jeans?
B: Yeah, they're cute.
A: I think the pockets are too big.
B: Oh, I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out.
A: Do they flatter me? (NOTE: They are talking about pockets)
B: Yes they do.
A: They don't make my butt look big?
B: No, they flatter you.
A: Maybe I should go back and see if they have them with smaller pockets.

What the hell is worng with people??????
Sometimes you just have to wonder if they have any real problems.


Man, why are Fridays so busy now???
Finally I have minute to eat lunch, but that doesn't really do any good either. Salad sucks. I hate salad. Even if it has couscous in it. I don't think that'll do it. Maybe I have to go to the Big M around the corner....


This week was loooooooong.
I have a headache this morning but that'll go away soon I hope.
Not much happenin' over here. Another beautiful morning, but they're talking about rain. We'll see.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

It's Time

Well people. It's that time of the day again. I will take my leave and enjoy a nice cool bottle of Pinot Grigio, which is alread chilling in the fridge at home.
I really like today. A LOT of people came over to see what this is all about and I want to thank everybody that had to do with it. It feels kind of funny knowing so many people read what I had to say..well hopefully they did.
Anyways, thanks guys.
I'll be back (that was a la Schwarzenegger, because that's how I say....I'm GErrrrrrrrrrmann)


I need to go back to school. It's been more than a year since I graduated and I need to start on my Masters soon or I'll never do it.
Problem is, I wasn't really able to figure out what exactly I would like to do.
No MBA, that's for sure.
I know I want to get a Master of Science which means I probably need to take some extra courses anyways because I will not fulfill the requirements.
I was thinking about something in Computer Science, but to be honest I am a little overwhelmed by the amount of different degree programs I have come across and I have no idea whatsoever of what I need to study. I know there are a lot of IT professionals out there so if you have any kind of insight, feel free to comment.
Also, what fields need staffing? I don't want to go to school for something just to graduate and not find a job because everybody else did the same. I am also unsure about online studying. I really think that'll be my only option so that kind of limits the field.
As you can see, I am a really decisive kind of person. I know what I want...well, usually.


Ok, a little time during my lunch break, but that's already halfway over...bummer.
I am reaching my low-point of the day again. But that'll be over as soon as I get going again.


I really have a lot to do at work today, so might not post as much.

I am also looking around for another host. I was approached by Ted and Tiger to join the Munuvians. But Ted only wants to see my legs, so I don't know if I want to go there.
Anyways, I have been looking over at Munuviana and I really like it.

Sad, sad weekend

Well, as you may be aware of, I am still without cable TV AND still alive.
Sad but true this weekend will be the second Formula One race of the season we, or my husband will miss.
I don't think he ever missed a race. Hell, he even drove up to Indianapolis two years ago.
Anyways, what is sad about this weekend is that 10 years ago Ayrton Senna, one of the greatest drivers ever died in a horrible accident in Imola, Italy. By that time he had already won three championships and surely would have won many more. Well, it came different, Michael Schumacher won his first championship that year and has won many since (I believe five so far).
There are still questions as to who is to blame for that accident. A court is going to open the case again, which will probably not find anything new. Many believe though, that it could not have possibly been a mistake by Senna himself.

I know that Formula One is not as popular as Nascar in the US, but at least they don't drive in circles.
If anybody is interested to learn more. You can go to If you want to watch the race, SpeedTV is always showing it. This weeks schedule is as follows:

San Marino
Practice Fri, Apr 23 8am LIVE
Qualifying Sat, Apr 24 8am LIVE
San Marino Grand Prix Sun, Apr 25 7:30am LIVE

Also, if you want to see more about the race ten years ago there is a F1 Decade showing highlights of that race on Saturday, May 1st at 11pm ET/8pm PT.

And, if anybody has a lot of time and wants to record all of that and send it to me, I know somebody that will be very happy...

It's Thursdeeeee

Well, it's another beautiful day outside.

I feel so healthy lately because I walk to the train and then to work. I am telling you I am going to have legs to-die-for this year. Not that they weren't already.

Other than that, not much seems to be going on around here. I should spend some quality time trying to find something interesting to post. Or maybe I should spend that time on some work-related stuff.....oh, too many choices.

Guess what I got?????

As I sign into my wonderful blogger account this morning I get a invitation to sign up for a spankin' new gmail account. So, if you want to see how it is to receive e-mail from someone with a gmail account just contact me at

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Where did it go???

All of a sudden time just went by and I am sitting here wondering where it went.
Oh well, screw it.
It's time to take my leave and enjoy a wonderful commute home to be reunited with my wonderful family and have some pizza and beer (adults only, of course).
Can't wait.

Nodding off

I am having a really hard time keeping my eyes open. I need to find something that'll keep me busy for a long period of time.
I really don't know what's wrong. I usually don't have any problems being tired or without any energy.
Maybe I should go to a fancy Starbucks to get some wake-up medicine.

Cable TV Update

As I have done before, in an attempt to receive some pity, I just wanted to let everybody know that I am still living without cable TV. Now that makes it about 4 weeks since I have last watched TV. Now, I watched a couple of movies, but not TV, which means no news, no NOTHING.
But, to my surprise, I still feel pretty peaceful though. I haven't hurt or even killed anybody yet, but that is only because nobody from the cable company came over....yet.

What do we need men for anyway?

Proving that males are a biological frill, Japanese and Korean scientists have created a healthy mouse born with no male genetic material at all.

See, if mice can have babies without a male, we will be able to do the same. So what's the need for men then????

Just kidding.

I think this is a great discovery. However, I would prefer the traditional way, if it was possible.

There it goes again...

Just like a clock. About two hours after I finished breakfast and one hour before linch I am getting hungry.....Great.
Let's see...there might still be some of that Easter candy......

Book Update

I finally updated the book I am currently reading.
It is Blackwood Farm byt Anne Rice. I believe I have only one left after that one and then I am done with the Vampire Chronicles.

New Additions

Yesterday I installed an Amber alert ticker that I found over at Read My Lips. Today notGeorge mentioned a new counter, so I installed that one as well. We'll see if it's really better.

Waterfall Update

As mentioned here, we had a little water problem over the weekend.
Well, the plumber came and fixed. He took a bunch of drywall out so today they'll come out and fix that so we will hopefully be able to utilize the garage again.
It definitely was a frozen/burst pipe, but as mentioned before as well, that could not possibly have been our fault since we didn't actually move in until about three weeks ago.
So, no costs for us but lots of headaches.



Ok, something is wrong with me.
Yesterday it was the rude awakening to a Tuesday and today I wake up and think to myself how tired I am. I turn the light on but decide to roll over (a la Cingular) and try to get a couple more minutes of sleep. Then I look up at the clock and realize I still have about an hour of sleep left.
What's wrong?
I can't wait for the weekend.

In other news, the movie was awesome yesterday.
Good Bye Lenin is really good. My dad told me that you couldn't really get the whole movie unless you lived in East Germany, but I disagree. My husband and stepdaughter liked it. Of course I cried my eyes out. Not because it was really sad, although it was, but just because of the memories. Right when the movie started with the music and all the different images I started to cry. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Packing my bags

I am so ready to go...

Nice Walk

I figured I better get my butt out there since they say it's supposed to start raining again tonight...It is really nice outside though, I could have spent the rest of the day there.

Tonight I will be going to the movies. They are playing "Good Bye Lenin" at a little theatre in Arlington.
I wanted to see that movie for so long but they just wouldn't release it in the states until now. So we'll grab a little bite to eat and then go right after work. I can't wait!

What to do????

I think a walk sounds really nice.
Maybe I could go to the corner bookstore and read a little something to see what I should read next.
Oh, that reminds that I forgot to update my current book thingie...again.
Well, I think I mentioned it before but I am on a little Anne Rice roll and have about two and a half books left and then I am done. Then I think I want to finish the John Grisham's that I haven't read yet and that'll keep me busy for a couple of months.
Any other good books out there???

I am loved!!!!

Now, that really made my day...


What a beautiful morning it was. Not too cool and not too warm. I had a nice walk to the train station with my husband since he had to take the day off because of the plumber.
Just a very nice start.
Although I did wake up thinking it was Saturday. My husband kept calling my name saying that it was 5:30. That's when it hit me. Oh well.

Monday, April 19, 2004

I am out of here



The countdown started. I am almost done for the day.
I know I will have a nice cold "Alsterwasser" when I get home and enjoy it outside.
For those of you who don't know what that is (which is probably most of you), it is a mixture of beer and Sprite. It is a really nice summer drink, because you don't get drunk sitting in the sun and it's not too sweet either. It's perfect.

On another note though, I expect to be home later...again. I read that the commuter trains run late because of the heat, but I can always take the metro. I am just spoiled now being able to sit on a real train and having big seats. I love it. Plus I get to walk to the station from home and so I am hardly driving anymore.


Very interesting article I just found via the Drudge Report.

Germany may be the land of the $100,000 Mercedes-Benz land yacht, but it's also a land of ebbing wealth, where less than a fifth of the population has discretionary income of more than $375 a month, where even haut bourgeois families will lay out for a fancy car but stint on the staples. Thus Aldi stores are found not only in working-class neighborhoods but also in wealthy communities like Bad Homburg, a Frankfurt suburb where the Aldi parking lot is thick with BMWs and Mercedes. A cookbook devoted to recipes using Aldi ingredients has sold 1 million copies, and there is even a connoisseur's guide to Aldi wines, which often sell for a few dollars a bottle. A recent survey by Nuremberg-based market researcher GfK found that Aldi is Germany's third-most-respected corporate brand, just behind electronics giant Siemens (SI ) and auto maker BMW -- and ahead of DaimlerChrysler (DCX ).

I have seen a couple Aldi stores over here already and have been in them. I like it. I used get booze and snack food there when I was younger living in Germany since it was so cheap.
One thing I am unsure about is if people will see it the same way they do in Germany.
As it said almost everybody shops at Aldi in Germany, but when I went here you can see that this is not so. First they are located in low income neighborhoods. I also think that Americans don't think the same way. Sometimes it seems they want to go Fresh Field because its "better". I am even like that sometimes.

One thing I didn't know that Trader Joe's was owned by an Aldi trust. I like that store.
Very interesting article.

That was fast

Another one from CNN.

The board of directors of McDonald's Corp. named Charlie Bell as chief executive after Jim Cantalupo, the leader of the fast-food chain's recent turnaround, died of an apparent heart attack Monday.

It's like they knew it was coming......


Just saw that on CNN.

What kind of sick fuck does something like this?

The body of a Spanish police officer who was killed in a raid on suspected Islamic terrorists was removed from its tomb Sunday night, dragged across a cemetery, doused with gasoline and burned, a Spanish police official told CNN.


I am so hungry...
I can't believe it. I eat a big breakfast as soon as I get to work and an hour later I am starving...
Well, it is only about one and a half hour until I get my lunch.....
Let's see, I think there are still some Easter goodies around....

Plumbing Update

OK, well it seems like the builder already talked to the plumber and they are going to take over the costs of all of the repairs. Tomorrow morning at about 8 AM the plumber will be there and fix the pipes. Oh the joy of owning a home. I knew at some point some repairs were going to come up but so soon????
But, I love this house and am willing to deal with shit like that as long as it stays out of the house.

Water Fall

I always thought those things are kind of cool. They give a little atmosphere. But I never though I'd have one in my garage!!!.
After mowing and all that fun stuff, my husband thought it would be nice to wash the cars. So, up the stairs he went to turn the main water for the hose bib out back on. Well, he did just that and heard the water running and running and thought that he didn't leave the hose on outside. So he went downstairs through the garage to find water coming down from the ceiling...we have an extra room above the garage and in that bathroom is where you turn the hose bib on or off for the back of the house.
So, we called the plumber and the builder and the plumber said that it wasn't an emergency since the leak was not inside the home, but it sounded to him like a frozen/busted pipe over the winter and their warranty doesn't cover that. Well, great, but we only moved in three weeks ago, so it wasn't our responsibility. So, now we have to contact the builder since it seems to be their fault unless something else is wrong with the pipe.
But, that really makes for a great weekend.

Other than that we had a great weekend. The weather was great, although it got really hot. We got new cellphones, something which we have been putting off, so at least something good happened.

Friday, April 16, 2004

I am out of here

Have a nice weekend!

How much?

Ok, I figured since we moved we could really use some new towels. So I started to look around and "Holy Cow" towels are expensive! Now, I don't want to go with the cheapest ones because I don't want to dry myself off with a rag and I never get dry, but I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars either.
Plus, I need so many. Four of each, bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth for each bathroom. And don't forget the rugs.
Anybody have an idea on where to get good deals on towels?
I was going to look at Target, but they are expensive too sometimes.
Those old towels start looking really good to me all of a sudden.......

All alone

Well, almost everybody is gone now. It's quite here.
I kind of like it though because I get things done.

It would be nice though if I could go home too, but because I was such a good girl today I will be treated to a nice dinner out.....can't wait. They better have some good drinks, because I sure need that.

Other than that, there are no news here. Sure looks nice outside.


I am high on M&M's. It's all Easter's fault. Because they is just always so much candy and nobody eats it once Easter is over so I figured I take it to work with me and snack on it. Well, I am almost done, and you don't even know how much I had.

How much?

I have been wondering for a while about the fact that I am constantly drinking water.
I always have a water bottle with me and drink it all the time (and go to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so). I figure I drink about one gallon, while I am at work and maybe another quarter gallon once I am home.
Are there any health risks concerning too much water. Can I overdose on water? Note too, that I am NOT drinking the lead-contaminated DC water....


No, I am not talking about me. Although I think that sometimes I am lazy, I am just good at putting things off, I think. If something really has to be done I get it done. At work, I always get things done ON TIME.
We do have to monitor telephone calls here and so we have to make sure that always enough people are available. Well, when you're on the phone, you're not really available, right?
So, why do some people have to talk one or sometimes even TWO (!!!) hours on the phone?
That is rude and inconsiderate.
Maybe I should just leave and come back 30 minutes before it's time to go home. Thats about the same.

Weekend Plans

Well, I don't really have any....I think.
We need new cell phones and I will get them. I am sick and tired of waiting.
Then I still have some minor cleaning to do in my office at home. It's just little paper stuff that needs to finda new corner. Of course, I willl be spen a lot of time doing laundry, since I have to pack up my stepson's suitcase so he can go back to Hampton on Sunday.
But my biggest plan is to sit outside, enjoy the weather, have a nice drink and not worry about anything. I can't wait to get home.

One Minute

Now I have some breathing room.
Why are some days so stressful?
And then, you'd think that being so busy makes time fly by. NO. I look at the clock and the day is still soooooooo looooong.
I need to keep me busy because I don't want to be sitting around watching the clock for the rest of the day.
Maybe I should go for a walk.


Just got in.
Meeting in 15 minutes.
More later.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

I am done for the day


What a day

It just so slow today.
Luckily my headache is gone, but I still feel like I had no rest at all last night.
Thinking about working long again tomorrow doesn't really help either, but at least I get to sleep a little longer tomorrow.
I can't wait for the weekend!!!!!


Gerade im Spiegel gelesesn:

Sie seien "überfordert" gewesen, sagten die vier Geschwister dem Richter. Deshalb musste eine 81-jährige Frau sterben - sie verhungerte, weil ihre Kinder sich nicht mehr um sie kümmerten.

Wie kann man seine eigene Mutter, die einen in die Welt gesetzt hat, verhungern lassen? Und dann auch noch zu viert? Hat denn keiner dieser undankbaren Leute einmal Mitleid gehabt?
Ich hoffe dass jedem das gleiche Schicksal trifft und sie auf andere im Alter angewiesen sind.

Nice Day

It seems to become a really nice day outside. The sun is shining and according to my weatherbug the temperatures are rising. Maybe we will even hit the forecasted temperatures today....who knows?
Too bad though, that I will be enjoying this day in the office, but I am still hopeful this weekend will be nice and I'll be on my porch ALL weekend. I can't wait.

UPDATE: I just checked and according to my weatherbug we have just exceeded the forecasted they were wrong again!


Since it's payday it is a happy day. But it is even happier because of the chaotic spending going on lately I have been somewhat in the dark about how much money was in the Bank (exactly how much). So, after paying taxes and getting paid, I am confident that we will in fact be able to make our first mortgage payment and be able to eat too!!!
Well, it's not that bad but I hate it when I don't know how much money is available.
We might even get a ceiling fan or two......
Of course, we HAVE to have a pool table ASAP.


I woke up with a terrible headache this morning. It's starting to go away, but it's not how I wanted to start this day.
I hate that.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The countdown started

In less than an hour I will be on my way home. Finally. This day just seemed to go on forever.
A nice hot bath sounds really good. We'll see if I find the time for that tonight....not that I am going to get stuck in front of the TV or anything.
And I can't forget about the obligatory glass of wine.


Wieso sind eigentlich manchmal Leute so unfreundlich?
Ist es denen scheissegal wie die sich verhalten? Man kann doch nicht einmal ganz nett sein und sich die naechste Minute umdrehen und einem den Arsch zeigen.
Manchmal sind Leute einfach total bekloppt. Ehrlich.

They are all liars....

I know it's hard forecasting the weather, but two days in a row??? Well, they were all right about the rain, but not the temperatures. Yesterday it was supposed to be in the mid 50's or so but it never got above 50 and the same seems to happen today. You weather people suck and should all get fired!
I am checking multiple websites and they all suck. I need the sun and warm weather. This is just so depressing and I have absolutely no energy left to do anything.
Isn't it supposed to be Spring?
I need to move far, far away, to where it's warm and I don't need a weather forecast.

UPDATE: I knew it! I checked my weather bug and the temperatures are actually going down and they lowered the forecasted temperature from 59 to 55. Liars. I told you so. Don't trust them. It's a conspiracy!

still no TV

In the hopes of getting some sympathy, I just wanted to mention that we still do not have cable TV.
Now, I am being told that because they are waiting on a permit from the county that can take about 4-6 weeks. Luckily, about three weeks have passed already.
I am still seriously considering Satelite TV, but I don't want to mess with the dish, plus I don't want a dish on my roof. It looks stupid. My neighbors have them all over the place. It looks like a freaking trailer park.
So, I sit and wait, because there is nothing else to do.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

one more...

I hate staying late at work....
I am just so used to get home at the same time every day and now I find myself sitting here thinking of what I would be doing right now, if I didn't have to work.
Of course, I got to leave later this morning but that doesn't help much.
I can't wait to get out of here, not that I want to go outside and be soaked....

Back to Work

Well, after an unexpected long weekend it is finally back to work for me. I got to babysit yesterday!!!!
I hate it when I am away from work without knowing it beforehand.
Now I am back and have some catching up to do.
My weekend was good...kind of, with everything that went on last week. Then the weather sucked too. Well on Sunday anyways and it is still raining. I just can't stand it anymore. I am starting to think that we will never see the sun again, no more shorts and T-Shirts, and the tress will stay gray and empty.

Friday, April 09, 2004


I am done...for this week.
Hopefully next week will be a little quieter. I also hope I'll get everything done that I am planning to finish this weekend.

Just want to go home...

I hate it when I get like this. I can't get anything done at work, but I am constantly looking at the clock waiting for it to turn 5. This is so stupid because then time doesn't pass at all.....
But I know why. The kids are at home, which isn't a problem. There old enough, although my oldest stepson is not able to be alone because of his disability. But my husband is usually home fairly early, but since he is not here I am not going to be home until 6 which is a looooong time and a loooooot of things can happen.....but it'll be ok.
I guess I just want my weekend.
So, back to work!

It's Friday!!!

Well, this was a very eventful week. I am glad it is the weekend. I really could use some sleep and time to finish unpacking the last boxes in the office.
I also have to go out tomorrow and get some Easter stuff for the kids.....I hate it when I am late with things like that but it was just too crazy lately.
Well, I will also spend the first half of this weekend without my husband since he had to go to Florida, but luckily he'll be back tomorrow night. I'll watch the kids as good as I can.....well they'll be fine.
Anyways, other than that not much is going on. I hope that soon this cool rainy weather will pass and spring will finally start. I want to get flowers and start working outside.

Thursday, April 08, 2004


If anybody knows where to get cheap last minute airfare, please let me know.
I am trying to get three people from DC to Jacksonville tomorrow and return on Sunday. It is really important. All I have seen is about 450 dollars or more.
The only other option we have is to drive 12 hours or my husband just goes by himself.

UPDATE: Well, we found one ticket for a fairly good price.
You just have to love UA Airways. This is the second time they helped us above and beyond when we had an emergency.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Why do things happen that just stop you in your tracks? And especially, why do they happen when everything is going just great?

Everybody is a winner

Just found this article in the Houston Chronicle via The Drudge Report.

Houston high school students who've failed core subjects such as English or math would get to move on to the next grade under a proposal HISD trustees are considering as part of the district's effort to reduce its dropout rate.

OK, so it is all about how the numbers look on paper?
How does that benefit the student?
Oh yeah sure, the student then gets advanced, besides failing, and just drops out the next time an opportunity comes around. If you can't take having to repeat a year in school, because you failed, TOUGH! Make room for people who do want to go to school and college and don't waste the teachers' time.

Monday, April 05, 2004

nothing going on

Absolutely nothing.
I am too tired to write anything longer than a couple of sentences.
This weather doesn't help either.
Oh well, maybe spring will be here soon. It better.
So, I'll close for today and watch the clock until it's time to leave.

in other news

We got a lot of stuff done this weekend.
We got curtains for the whole house and a rug, a huge vase and some other decorative stuff. We ordered a desk for the office and another bookshelf. That should be here tomorrow.
Yet, we still have not cable TV. They said that they would get the cable fixed the first week of April. They have to wait on a permit from the county. So, let's hope that by the end of the week I can finally watch some TV again. I feel like I have no idea what is going on.

Now I know...

..why I was so tired this morning. I lost an hour!!!
see, I am very slow this took about 3 and half hours to realize it...and I was thinking of how dark it was this morning and everything...oh well, that's good because that way I know I am not going to oversleep the rest of the week....

Friday, April 02, 2004

Cherry Blossoms

If you live in the DC area you should try and get downtown this weekend. Saturday is the cherry blossom festival.
I see them every morning and they are just beautiful.

Very interesting

Just read this over at Ted's.

I personally have no real problem with gas prices. First of all, being from Germany I think gas is cheap here. Plus, I hardly ever use my car. Especially now, that I moved I usually walk to the commuter train station, except for the last two days because it rained. But then it's still only a two minute drive. I maybe get gas once a month, if that, and I have a SMALL car.


Man's vomit caused £1,300 damage to car

- via Ananova

Thursday, April 01, 2004


Isnt' it great when you get an upgrade and yet it feels like a downgrade????