Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Go Patriots!
I am not into Basketball at all and never watched it, until now that is of course. Being a George Mason University Alumni makes me proud these days and I hope the Patriots go all the way!
And, I have found that watching Basketball is not that bad. They have enough breaks in there to where you don’t have to be glued to the TV non-stop.

In other news, I am off this week! To celebrate this event I continue to get up early and will move some furniture around today…wait, no that guys will do that. I think just me and the hubby can make s quick stop at a furniture store and walk out with a couch. It looks good though.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I finally got the OK to book my flight to Germany this summer for my brother’s wedding!!!! It’s about damn time.
They had to make sure that they were able to book everything and last night he let me know that it’s all set.
I am waiting for now though, to book anything because the tickets I find are over $ 1,000 and for some reason that kind of money is not what I anticipated to spend right now. Bummer.
But I am so excited. I get to see everybody again. I most likely will make a trip out to my grandmother’s. She’s at an assisted living facility now. She’s not walking but she talks every once in a while.
The wedding itself will be a two-day deal since they want to get married in a church too. See, in Germany getting married in a church alone is not official. You have to go to court too, so that’s what they’ll do on the Friday and on Saturday is the church wedding and the reception. Fun!!!