Friday, August 18, 2006


Before I go on my vacation, which is not a vacation since I am visiting family and have to attend a wedding-thing, I thought I better post one last time. I am slowly but surely drifting off into no-posts land again so I have yet another reason to refine my typing and writing technique, however useless that might be.
Anywho. Life is good and getting better. Very soon I’ll be on my way to good old Germany. Hopefully the weather will improve since I want to work on my tan. NOT. If all goes well, I will also get to see my one and only grandmother. I am thinking that it will probably be the last time so I’m gonna give her a big ole hug, no matter if she knows who I am or not.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I was going to post about how depressing it is getting older and all and then Castro actually made my day.
I can’t wait until he’s dead.
A dead Commie is a good Commie.

- via The Drudge Report