Friday, April 25, 2003

I am so excited...

OK, I just upgraded to Blog*Spot Plus, which I know is pretty stupid since it is not very reliable but I figured "hey" if I already paid for Blogger Pro I might as's not that I'm poor or anything. Well, I could put a PayPal button up like so many other people asking for money but since I think I am pretty much the only person here...well not really...I would get even more depressed. So, what the hell, I feel like spending money. Who cares if the kids don't eat for a while...just kidding.
Anyway, so I upgraded and now I can post pictures, which is SWEET. So that's what I did and see....(previous post). Just beautiful. Well, that will make my weekend much better.

That looks so cool.....

Hubble captures 'perfect storm' in space

Bald ist Wochenende!!!!!!!

Endlich Freitag.
Diese Woche war eigentlich ganz ok,bis auf das ich jeden Morgen kaum aus dem Bett kam. Ich kann einfach nicht frueh ins Bett gehen.
Jetzt steht aber das Wochenende vor der Tuer, was heisst, dass ich ausschlafen kann!!!!!!!!!!
Hoffentlich wird das Wetter gut sein, damit man sich mal draussen aufhalten kann ohen gleich eine Erkaeltung zu bekommen.
Naja, sonst is alles wie langweilig bei mir.
Also, lass mich noch die letzten 4 Stunden ueberstehen und dan ab nach Hause...
uebrigens empfehle ich jedem der in der Washington, DC Gegend wohnt einmal Generous George's aufzusuchen...the positive Pizza and Pasta Place!!!!!
Ok, dann werd ich mal.

Let them have fun.....

I don't know what to think about that but I am certainly not trying to picture this........disgusting
Now I'll never go to Hardee's again...well, I never did before.

- Ananova

Thursday, April 24, 2003

What's wrong with the children today????

Ok I just came across this which reminded me of something I heard about yesterday....
When reading this, especially the last story, one really has to wonder what the hell is going on with kids these days.

Der erste Beitrag auf deutsch

Also, in letzter Zeit bin ich mehr und mehr auf deutschsprachige Blogs gestossen, bzw. auf welche die sich in Deutschland befinden.
Und da ich mir manchmal einen Komentar leiste (und dabei immer fleissig meinen URL hinterlasse!!), habe ich mir gedacht, dass ich ja auch mal auf deutsch schreiben koennte....
Naja, das habe ich jetzt gemacht und...habe nichts zu erzaehlen.
Aber das ist ja nicht selten so.
Ich habe nichts, worueber ich mich beschweren koennte...noch nichts:-) aber der tag ist ja noch lang.
Also, fuer alle deutschsprachigen Besucher...HERZLICH WILKOMMEN!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

A Teacher's curse

Teacher buried under books for three days

- Ananova

Friday, April 18, 2003 who took my links????

I swear, I'm going nuts.
First my SiteMeter is gone and now my links???

UPDATE: never's back...weird

I am sooooooooooooooo tired

All this week I have been trying to go to bed early and it just never really worked out.
So last night I had to go to an reception and thought it would be best for me to just take half a day off and try and get some sleep before. Well, I tried. I could have slept for maybe three hours but it was more around one hour I actually got with frequent interruptions.
I didn't get home until about 11:30 at night and had to get up at 5:30 this morning...
And to top it all off I have to get up early this weekend..well at least tomorrow since furniture is going to be delivered between 8 and 10.
One of these days am going to fall asleep driving my car or something.

People in the states just to get enough time off. I am so burned out.

Well, I just thought I write that down real quick since I haven't posted anything lately.
It's doesn't seem very interesting,now that I read it, but the hell with it. At least I posted something.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Sadam as a gay pornstar???????

Ok, I saw this story this morning somewhere, and wanted to link it and just came across it again (thanks to the Inscrutable American)...
I don't know if this is true or not but it's funny anyway.
Maybe they'll put it up on the web!!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2003

You have to see this

This is an amazing photo montage..

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Rachel Lucas' turn on the reaction of the Arab world

I am sure many have read this article already and seen/read many opinions on it. I juts read Rachel Lucas' reaction and think she did a great job.


- Ananova

French President hails end of Saddam regime

Well, we all waited for this one to come.
Interesting is also what is said about the "business" relationship between Chirac and Hussein....

But there are rumblings in France about the French President's stand following the broadcast of archive pictures of the then French Prime Minister Chirac with the then Vice-President Saddam Hussein in a French nuclear power station.

The image is an reminder of his success in sealing a deal to sell Saddam two nuclear reactors.

The French public is also being reminded that, for all his criticism of military action to rid Saddam Hussein of weapons of mass destruction, it was Prime Minister Chirac who agreed to ship weapons-grade uranium to Iraq - a decision vetoed by the then French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

More Moore.....

An amusing little piece by Moore.
Jeff Jarvis at BuzzMachine linked to it. Thank you Jeff.

Who would've thought....

U.S. Says Syria May Be Helping Move Out Iraqis

- Reuters

Arnett says Sadam was not bombed

I just went to Buzzmachine and Jeff Jarvis just posted this.
What he says is unbelievable.
You can also go to the homepage and search for Arnett's articles and read more of his crap.

IT'S BACK!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for returning my site meter. I am glad it's back, however it is not where it used to be.....
Whoever took it...didn't your mommy tell you to leave things the way you found them????
Well, thanks anyway.

Thank you for blogrolling me!!!!!

I would like to thank Gregory for blogrolling me on
Thank you very much.
Go check out the site...

What's up with the nuns????

First there are nuns who get arrested.. and then they run????

- Ananova

My Site Meter is gone!!!!!!

Who took it????
I just checked and it's still in my template I removed it and then put it back...nothing.
I removed it again and then had's there (in the template) but not on the site?????
What the hell is going on?
Did anyone else ever have the same problem?
I know, I know, it's that is the problem, right?
I need help!!!!!!

CBS News LIVE Baghdad cam

I am watching this right now. You can see the people in the streets and our troops.
I have been watching this for a while now and now they are finally there!!!!!!
It might be slow though. I guess a lot of people are trying to see this.

U.S. Military Says Iraqis Realizing Saddam Era Over

It is just very nice to see how those people seem to be so relieved that they can finally LIVE again.

- Reuters

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Today will be better!!!!

I actually think that today will be a much better day.
I got my coffee without any incidents and was also able to take a nice and warm shower.m What a perfect morning...(besides the fact that I had to get up early and go to work).
Anyway, certainly the 4 tons of ammunition dropped on Sadam certainly made my day.

Monday, April 07, 2003

I finally get to go home!!!!!

Well, I made it...
I actually survived this day..well, it's not quite over. I still have to get home. I can't wait to go to sleep. I think it's the time change. Whatever it is. I hope tomorrow will be better.

Just another way of protesting the war...

Use more French words rather than English ones???
Now, this is funny. I wonder how they are going to do that since so many English words are already part of the German language????

- Ananova

100 visitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I just checked and I finally reached 100 visitors after only a week... well, I probably was the one visiting this site mostly, but still, it feels good to be on the triple-digits.
By the way.... I still hate today and wish I would have stayed in bed..but that really cheered me up somewhat.

I still hate it....

OK, now about two hours have past and I still hate today.
I can't get the stain out of my sweater.
About an hour ago a colleague cam in behind me an smiled "Happy Monday!!!" (we do that all the time to tease each other). I swear to God, I almost cried.
I wish I could go home...I guess I could, but I don't want to waste half a day of my time-off.... And then I only have to go back out in the cold rain.
I need a quite and relaxing myself.
I need an outlet for all my frustration or I'm really going to hurt least emotionally.
Well, I need some coffee :)

I hate Monday

How great. The week started and everything that can go wrong DID go wrong.
I couldn't take a shower this morning because the water was too cold because someone else already took looooong showers.
It got cold again and it's raining which doesn't make the morning commute very easy. And now, only three hours after I even got up I spilled coffee all over my white sweater because somebody was too stupid to put the coffee pot on its holder.
I just want to go home and go to sleep.
I hate Monday.

Friday, April 04, 2003

Off for the weekend

I guess I'll shut this down and enjoy my well-deserved weekend.
I probably won't be able to post this weekend, but I will be back...


- SkyNews

Iraq Says Will Not Use Weapons of Mass Destruction

Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf said on Friday Iraq had no plans to use chemical or biological weapons against invading U.S. and British forces despite a threat to use "non-conventional" methods.

- Reuters


The information minister said: "Tonight we will carry out something that is non-conventional against them, not military. It will be a great example to them."

- SkyNews

Saddam Int'l Airport renamed

- News24

American RealPolitik's Morning Comics

If you want to have something else to make your Friday morning's a little something from American RealPolitik.

Web surfers besiege website of Bagdad, Tasmania

Just a little funny story to start into the weekend...

- Ananova

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Report: Captured Woman Put Up Fierce Fight

I look up to that woman. She looks so "cute" on the pictures they showed of her but she really fought hard.

I also heard this morning that she was giving a 4-year scholarship by an University. I forgot though,, which one it was.
- Reuters

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

UK Grave Desecrated

I just ran across this and couldn't believe it. It is one thing to protest war but this...
- SkyNews

US Units Attack Iraqi Republican Guard Forces Near Baghdad


MP urges women to use 'natural weapon' against the war

I have read a story about two weeks ago, where the same thing happened in Germany.
- Ananova

Al-Jazeera most sought-after in Internet searches


The Latest Iraq Snapshot

- Reuters

Blogeline has been added!!!!!

I would like to thank James Joyner at Outside the Beltway for linking me on his blog!!!!!
I have been checking on to see if I have been linked but so far it has not shown up????
Well, thanks James.

Rescued Soldier's Family Ecstatic, Thanks Troops

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The father of rescued U.S. Army soldier Jessica Lynch lavished praise and thanks on Wednesday on the U.S. special troops who stormed into an Iraqi hospital and took his injured daughter to safety.
"We are just real proud that they risked their lives to go in and save our daughter and we hope all the rest of the troops come home safely too," said Greg Lynch in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" from his home in Palestine, West Virginia.

- Reuters

I know the news broke late yesterday but I just wanted say how glad I am that she was found. The troops are really doing a great job and one can see how well they are trained.

US General: Coalition Has Destroyed Republican Guard Baghdad Division

by VoaNews.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

French Spiderman?????

Another sucessful anti-war protest.

From Ananova.

Problem fixed....FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, after all.. I was finally able to edit my template and resolved the problem with the URL.
I noticed that a lot of people are upset about the frequent issues with Blogger...
Feel free to bitch and complain....

Rivera will go....

Fox News Channel executives and the Pentagon reached a deal Monday in which correspondent Geraldo Rivera, who raised the military's ire when he reported operational details, will leave Iraq voluntarily rather than be expelled, Pentagon officials told CNN.


I just read this on Blogs of War. Sky news reported this...disgusting,,30000-12278356,00.html

Shall he stay or shall he go???

tiny problem...

OK, just noticed that the URLs don't' show up so I am just pasting them in the text field for now. My template won't come up so I can't add the URL tags but I will as soon as I can.

Swaziland radio's 'man in Baghdad' was in broom cupboard

I heard about this this morning on the radio. I though it was really funny. Enjoy!

Get a car for balls.....

OK, I wouldn't mind if anyone brought Sadam's balls to Vienna and if that was the "art-project" alone I would think it was funny.

Siegl said: "This installation called Car Wars is a peaceful protest against the war."

Plus, I don't understand how this could be "peaceful". How does he think the balls would get to Vienna?