Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Great way to help the trops overseas

Kevin from The Primary Main Objective needs your help. Some tents at his camp burned down and some donations would be appreciated to help those who lost everything.

quick apology

I just realized that the last three posts all started with "I"....oops.
I am really not that egocentric.

I am confused...

Ok, I talked to my brother the other day (he lives in Germany) and we thought it would be funny if we were both reading the same book and could talk about it then (very intelligent huh?)
Anyway, he told me the author (Stephen Fry) and the title in German (Der Sterne Tennisballe). and I thought I could simply find it on amazon.com...right?
Well, none of Stephen Fry's books on amazon have a title that sound remotely close to what my brother told me so.....I started reading the reviews and all that to figure out what the story was and then figured it must be "Revenge". I did search for "tennis balls" and did not find anything.
So, I ordered it (in hardcover, which I hate) and told my brother proudly this weekend. Well, he told em that the title in English, which also happens to be the original title is "The Stars' Tennis Balls". Really?
So today I have searching and searching and what did find: the US version is called "Revenge" and the British version is called "The Stars' Tennis Balls". How stupid is that? You can, by the way, order the British version on amzon.com..and it is a Paperback, but now I am stuck with my other copy. Well, I hope it's good.
So, if anyone is reading it too, I will probably start with it tomorrow, since it should arrive today.

I did not order it in the Hardcover edition...I don't know why I thought I did, but I just checked and I will receive my beloved Paperback.

I figured it out.....

...why I am so lazy!!!
It has been raining pretty much all the time for about a week and the forecast doesn't look too good either. This is depressing. I can't really do anything outside and I usually love this time of the year because it is not too hot yet. But instead I look out of my window wondering if it will ever stop.
My plants look like shit. Our flower beds are falling apart and I can't do anything outside.
It is so frustrating.
So, that is why I am not motivated to do anything..not even blog.

I am soooo lazy....

Ok, I know I write this all the time when I have not blogged in a while but I really am lazy.
I am looking at my blog almost daily, simply because I am using the links, but then I don't want to think about anything that I could write about and so I don't....
Well, I will do better...but I first have to figure out what I am going to write.....

Monday, May 12, 2003

Hilfe! Den Männern geht das Sperma aus

Die MoPo berichtet, dass "Made in Germany" vielleicht bald austerben wird.......
Ja dann mal ran an die Bulletten bevor alles weg ist.

Desperately seeking Airfare.....

How frustrating....
Finally I have some money so I can afford to visit my parents in Germany and everywhere I look the prices are soooo high. It is so frustrating. It has been about two and a half years since I have been home and I do not want to spend $ 800 or more to go over there for just a week.
So I heard that U.S. Airways has this great offer for military members and their immediate families called "Salute.." something.
Well, guess what....doesn't count between June and August for European Travel...as if anyone else wants to go there.....
So I am looking daily for any changes. Go to all the online travel sites. I am going to every airlines site I can think of....Lufthansa wants over $ 2000!!!! Now I am down to $ 790 with Swiss Air or whatever they call themselves and I am almost thinking that I will have to settle with this.....How frustrating. I was going to go back this Christmas but I don't even want to see how much that'll cost me.

Friday, May 09, 2003

Well...I am back.....with good news

I don't really know why it took me so long to finally post again. I guess I just didn't have the time to write anything.

I have something good to write about though.
I am German citizen and am married to an American (sailor). I have my green card an all that but I really wanted to become a naturalized citizen, However, I wanted to keep my German citizenship since at some point my husband and I would like to move to Germany.
So I felt kind of stuck since I thought I can't get one without giving up the other. But....I found out that Germany passed a law some time back which gives people, like me the opportunity to ask the German government for a special permission to keep the German citizenship and apply for the American one.....And...I also found out that I do NOT have to wait three or five years to apply for my citizenship because my husband serves in the Armed Service and therefore I receive special consideration!!!!!
I think that is so cool and I am so excited about this....now I have to get a million documents together and have them notarized and send the off along with 250 Euros to Germany...well, I gladly pay that.
So, maybe soon I too will be a real American!!!!!!