Friday, February 27, 2004

Friday Five

Well, there is no Friday Five today. But since I haven't done it in so long I am just going to do last week's.

When was the last time you...

1. ...went to the doctor?
Last May. I go once a year. I rarely get sick, so I don't got to see a doctor that often.

2. ...went to the dentist?
That was just two weeks ago. Every six months!

3. ...filled your gas tank?
Two days ago. I hardly need to do that because I drive so little every day. I need to fill up the tank every two weeks or so and I have samll car. In three year I didn't even put 20,000 miles on my car yet.

4. enough sleep?
Last weekend....actually last night I got enough sleep. I was tired and went to bed early.

5. ...backed up your computer?

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Alles wird zensiert

Ich war ueberrascht diesen Artikel ueber Howard Sterns Suspension auf 6 amerikanischen Radio Stationen auf Deutsch zu sehen.
Es ist die Weiterfuehrung der Zensur der oeffentlichen Medien, die mit Janet Jackson bei der Super Bowl Halbzeit Show begonnen hat.
Ich bin gespannt, was als naechstes passiert.
Ich sehe es schon vorraus, dass wir bald nur noch Cartoons sehen duerfen...aber bitte OHNE Gewalt!!!!


More overreacting

After the "outrageous" Super Bowl Halftime show, it is now the radio broadcasters' turn to suffer for their "indecencies".
Shock Jock Howard Stern was pulled off the air by Clear Channel Communications on its six stations.
This comes after a caller used the N-word. Note, that it was a caller not Howard Stern.

What the hell is wrong with people?
Now that the FCC started its crusade everybody scrambles to "fix" everything.
Don and Mike can't mention any body parts or use bathroom humor anymore. Budweiser's commercial will not be shown during the Oscar's.

How about people that get offended by breasts or sexual content or bathroom humor just turn off the TV or Radio, or switch the station and watch the Disney Channel? Get over it!

This is the dumbest thing ever and it pisses me off that a bunch of stuck-up idiots can control what I laugh about, watch or listen to.

Oh, and in case you would like to let Clear Channel Communications know what you think, their contacts are listed here.

Eine neue Ausrede fuer Frauen

Laut einer franzoesischen Studie kann Orlasex Mundkrebs ausloesen.
Wer haette das gedacht?

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

What I am reading

Ok the last thing to do is to update the "Blogeline is currently reading" section.
Maybe I should read this one...I mean, look at it.


Four more weeks...

... and we are moving!!!!
Our house is finally done. I can't wait to get out of where we are at now. It's getting worse every minute. Why do people not care?
Whatever, soon enough I will enjoy MY new home and bitch about the mortgage payment....
Life is wonderful.

Chocolate Muffin

My second one today. No wonder I couldn't eat my lunch, but who wants rice and chicken if you have such sweats??? Anyways, I really needed something to give me a little energy. I feel like I am just sitting here, waiting for time to pass....


...more than three months have past and I still don't feel like posting....
I don't know, maybe I was in a creative black hole (and still am), but I was never really creative to begin with.
Anyways, Spring is almost here and I feel the energy returning!!!!
Hopefully it'll stay with me....