Monday, January 28, 2008

Stomach bug

Fortunately I was not the target of the above mentioned; however I was the designated cleaner of its effects.
I find it unfair to spring such a bug on a poor little (not really little anymore) handicapped blind guy on a Thursday morning, when all he wants to do is get on his school bus. Needless to say, the ER staff was very excited with his lack of fluids and all kinds of levels out of whack. The fever didn’t help either. The poor guy spent Thursday night at the Pediatric ICU at Walter Reed and then the rest of the weekend on the regular Pediatric Ward. They were getting ready to send him home a few times, but the bug would let them know, it was still around. Luckily now all is well and cleaned up at home too!
Schools are closed here today so he gets an extra day of rest.
What a weekend.


Those are the beats per minute of our little one. We bought a digital Doppler so that we can listen to the heart beat whenever we want to, and whenever the little wiggle worm, lets us. When we first tried it Saturday we had no problem, but apparently yesterday’s high dose of chocolate milk put him or her in a mood to play hide and seek with us, but we got him! His or her Oma and Opa in Germany were also able to listen, so that was fun.

Other than that I feel OK. The first trimester came and went without much trouble. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones that did not have morning sickness and I appreciate that. Besides some cramps here and there, there is really not much going on, except for the growing belly, of course. I am now wearing mostly maternity clothes. Some of my work pants still fit, but maternity pants are so much more comfortable.

We received an offer in the mail for the 3D 4D ultrasound and since my OB doesn’t offer it to just anybody I think we may go for it. Now, I just need to find out the perfect time to do that so we get the best pictures ever. So, if any of you have an insight as to when that is, I would appreciate it.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


As most expected, my nephew didn’t make it. He passed away Monday in Germany. At this point I don’t even know how to feel. How can I be happy when my brother and his wife are going through so much pain? I finally talked to my brother this morning and he did sound good. Better than expected, but I think at this point their emotions are just a rollercoaster. I just wish I could do more.
My Sister-in-Law is very adamant that I not be there for any of the memorial services and burial, as she is worried that it might affect our baby. While I don’t agree, I think it’s best to stay here. We went through this scenario a few years back when my grandmother had a stroke. To this day she is in a nursing home, without the ability to move. She lies in bed and is fed, which is not how anybody wants to see their grandma. Isn’t it strange that for some reason her life is being extended for so long, while my nephew’s life had barely begun?

Monday, January 07, 2008

This is the year!!

I know I am a little late with my New Year’s post, but I am a very busy person, especially when I am off from work:)

I realized New Year’s Eve that I would become a mother this year. I obviously knew I was pregnant, but saying next year always put it off and made it seem very far away. Not so anymore though, as now I find myself considering all the “next Year” scenarios. Next Christmas will be with the little one. Heck, even my birthday this year will include the cutest little newborn ever conceived (no, I am not exaggerating).

Also, the little worm has gotten big and human-like recently which makes it all more real too. I was excited to read last week that he or she now poops. Isn’t that great? Next week we have another appointment again and I am hoping that we will be able to see him or her again, although I am aware that always are ultra sounds performed. We’ll see.

One negative development is that not both of my parents will be able to come see us this summer. They both just were here over the holidays, so financially that is kind of tough as well as the fact that my dad can’t take any time off. He works for a TV station and because of the Olympics they will be very busy. But maybe my mom will overcome all her anxiety and actually make the trip by herself. In any case we will go to Germany as soon as the doctor says it’s OK for both of us. That is a trip I am looking forward to.

Not that I want to continue with the negativity here, but we have recently found out that my little nephew is not doing too well either. He was hospitalized on New Year’s Day and had emergency surgery, but was doing well until yesterday when new complications occurred. I am actually still waiting to hear from somebody over there to see if there are any new developments. I am sure he will be fine but my parents were not so optimistic. Since he was born he has struggled with his ability to breathe and has had a Tracheotomy performed. He also has a feeding tube since he is unable to eat. Overall he has grown normally, but his development is way behind. He is unable to talk, walk and doesn’t move much either. I just hope that he makes it.