Friday, June 18, 2004

Metro People

There are different kinds of people that I see over and over in the metro. One kind is the one that thinks it is completely unnecessary to hold on while riding the metro. They spread their legs to keep balance but usually their expression on their faces just looks painful. I honestly don't get it, but hey if you fall just make sure to not fall on me. Idiot.

Then we have the "I don't care about anybody but me" person.
\For example, yesterday the Metro was packed. No new there. So, everybody, except for the person above, was trying to find a pole or something to hold on to. Well, the dumbass discuss here would be a person that likes to lean on the poles that people use to hold on to. So, when that person leans on it nobody can hold on to it. But that person doesn't care. even if knuckles poke into their backs and their hair gets stuck on other peoples' hands. And to the bitch from yesterday: You might want to cover up your chest a little more until after you shave it again. Yuck.

I know there were other people I wanted to describe but now I can't think of it....

Oh Yeah. The doors on the metro are wide enough to let people through side-by-side. So, mostly after you get off the train people go into the same direction.Left or Right. So, why when you are on my right side and we step out of the train together do you have to turn left right away, cutting me off? Today this lady did it when I was getting on the train. and then she looks at me like I did something when I run into her. What it bitch.

OK, I think that's it now. I feel better now.

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