Wednesday, June 09, 2004

It started

Ok, we all knew that today and tomorrow were going to be hell trying to get into the city and around. I personally had no real problems. I noticed that the metro seemed to be a little more crowded but then again sometimes you get one of those. Anyways, I heard from people who live in Maryland and drive to the metro that parking was a huge problem this morning. One is stuck in greenbelt waiting for it to turn 10 AM to use the reserved parking. Another went from one metro station to the other to find a place to park. She lives right outside Andrews AFB. Luckily I do not rely on a car or a bus, which is going to be hell too. I only get to deal with overcrowded trains. We'll see how this afternoon goes tomorrow. Surprisingly I am off on Friday as well.
BTW, I heard that there are people lining up at the Capitol already.

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