Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Independence Air started to fly out of DC last week or so and they will start servicing Jacksonville, FL on July 1st. I booked a flight for my oldest stepdaughter who lives in Florida so she can come up July 4th weekend. Just $89 including taxes etc. Cool, huh?
She is also coming up since we'll have her little babygirl the week before and she was kind of scared of having her grandmother, my mother-in-law, drive back with just her and the baby.
This summer is kind of complicated. Or at least the first part of it.
This is the first week of summer break and we sent the lovely stepson to his grandma's. My husband and his mom met half-way between us and her (also Florida) in South Carolina. I had to stay home to record the best race ever. But when we trade off kids and grandkids (his not mine) this weekend I'll go too!!! So, we'll have a mini-vacation hotel-stay-thingie in Savannah, GA on Saturday. We were going to book a hotel room in Hilton Head yesterday but for 200 dollars it wasn't worth it, considering we'll be tired on Saturday from all that driving and have to get up early on Sunday to go back home.
So Savannah will be ok.
Then after all hat summer school starts for my (step)son and the teenager (!!!!) will hang out at our old neighbor's since she'll have somebody to hang out with. She is waiting to start working so that'll hopefully start soon..

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