Thursday, June 10, 2004

Just want to go

See, that's when I hate that I live here and my whole family half way across the globe. I am sitting here and I have absolutely no idea of what is going on. Surely nobody is home, but I couldn't call from work anyways, so I am sitting here waiting to go home in a little less than 7 hours. Great. It really doesn't help getting a short phone call saying we'll go to the hospital and that's it.

I know she's going to be ok. She had that before. It's some infection in her throat that swells up so much that she is in danger of not being able to breathe anymore so they have to remove it. When she had it a couple of years back it scared the shit out of everybody because she only went to the doctor because of her sore throat and he told her to go to the hospital right then and there. They warned her that it could happen again and that she needed to watch herself and go to the doctor right away when her throat hurts no matter if she thinks it's just a cold, but of course she doesn't go to the doctor and there you have it.

I wonder how much it would costs to send a text message to my dad's or brother's cell phone?

UPDATE: My dad juts e-mailed me. I guess he went home real quick. She got out of the first surgery and tomorrow she has another one. She has to deciede if she wants them to take her tonsils out, which she should. Then she'll have to stay in the hospital for another two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Sweetie, your comments have been inop all morning...

I'm sending good thoughts, I hope everything goes ok.


Blogeline said...

Thanks Ted,

It's just the feeling I can't do anything from here that bugs me.
If I had about $4500 I could fly out there tonight....