Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Another parental responsibility

Ok, so here is this father that sees how his son is struggling with medication and because he loves his son, he decides to take him off the medication. Now they are investigating him for child abuse?

My step-daughter takes medication and because she is 16 we cannot force here to take it, but yet we are responsible for her taking it. This means my husband has to take her to the doctor (NOT force her or make her) and remind her to take her pill (NOT force her or make her). It is being played both ways and when a child really wants to or an agency really wants to, they can get you in so much trouble because you either don't do enough or too much.
The same goes for doctor visits and test. You have to make sure your child is healthy but can't make them to be tested for STDs or pregnancy or whatever the case may be.
My step-son has a fairly rare birth defect and so doctors (at a University hospital) had to figure out how to treat him, since they had no idea what was wrong with him. Well, whatever he was on was not working. He lost weight and his condition worsened, so my husband took him off the medication. Immediately my stepson started feeling better and ate again. Well, CPS was called on him too because of that.
I just don't get how you can go after a parent who clearly had no ill intentions just because they made a decision about THEIR child without consulting a doctor.

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