Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I hate this Time

You know when something is about to come up and it's ok when you're busy but when you just finished something really important and you feel like you have been working really hard and you look at the clock and you still have so much time. I hate that, because it makes you think you didn't really do anything.
But I don't want to complain. Today was a good day (is a good day). I got so much done without stressing out. I feel so much better than I did yesterday. I actually can't wait to get home and enjoy my evening.

Oh and the TV is still not where it's supposed to be. I guess FOUR(!!!!!) people will come over tomorrow morning and get that sucker up there. Stupid. Why do people need big TVs? I like the other one just fine. But then again, I know I'm inviting all kinds of comments about the necessity of big TVs here. Bring it on!

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