Monday, May 17, 2004


We installed three ceiling fans over the weekend. And when I say we I mean we. Although I did hardly any work other than giving my opinion on how it might have to be wired. Of course the first fan was the hardest. It took about three or four tries until we finally had everything hooked up right. The stupid thing is you get a white (neutral), green (ground), blue (light) and black (motor) wire with the fan. BUT our option were a bare (ground), white (neutral), black and red wire to connect them to. Well, we figured out that the black wire is constant hot, so you can't control it with the light switch, which we didn't want. So, the red one is the one for the switch and that is where the fan motor and light get connected to and the black one just gets stuffed back into the ceiling.
So, I learned something new over the weekend, which I am sure I will forget the next tie such knowledge is required.

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