Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Day after

I thought it would be way too boring spending my Black Friday getting stomped on and pepper-sprayed. So, I thought, how about some more excitement? And boy, did I have that.
Now I can truly say, I’d rather have a root canal than go shopping.
Funny thing though, my tooth has been hurting on and off for a while but I’m too cheap to spend money on that. So I let it go. Then, Thanksgiving night, I couldn’t go to sleep at all until I took a couple of Advils and so I went to get the root canal done. Thank God, somebody was working yesterday. But after all was done and I get all my prescriptions (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and some nice pain killers), my tooth did not hurt anymore. Not all day yesterday and not today. I would have thought a root canal would ruin my whole weekend but I’m fine.
So, all you people out there that are too scared of a root canal. Don’t worry.

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