Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sore Loser

I am one, but that’s OK. I currently hate Italy and everything Italian, which is very hard because I USED to like Pizza.

This shouldn’t last long though, especially since I kind of cheated this weekend with Italian wine.

We went to Charlottesville, VA, which was just beautiful. I like little mini-vacations and will definitely do those more often.


Anonymous said...

Charlottesville is beautiful country. We're headed down there again in a couple of weeks to the Ash Lawn opera company to see either West Side Story or The Merry Widow. Daughter Rachael is working there for the summer.


Blogeline said...

I'd move there in a heartbeat.
I am done with my strike as well. Had Pizza twice this weekend and I made the best Spaghetti ever last night. Oh well.