Monday, January 23, 2006

Thank You!

I know I am late as hell, however I was busy trying to figure out how to be an American…well, not really.
So, first of all, thank you to everybody that left comments and congratulated me. That made me feel really special and now I’m acting like a stuck-up bitch all the time. So, thanks a lot!

Anyways, life is good. I applied for my passport last week and am waiting very patiently to get it ASAP. Other than that, life has not changed much…YET. Other than constantly reminding people that I am now an American I still feel the same…kind of.


Anonymous said...

Feb 4 is the day! We're waiting for Cat to figure out a good place to meet.


Blogeline said...

Sounds good to me!!!

Anonymous said...

If you're procrastinating on your thank-you notes, you're well on your way to forming bad American habits! You're going native, I tell you--native! :)