Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I know what's good for you

See, we always eat (at least) dinner together at home. And that is at the dinner table! I'm so proud of myself.
That reminds me...I'm getting hungry.


Anonymous said...

Hey Babe...just wanted to stop in and say “hello”. I have been on a few times reading all of your posts and never really took the time to write anything myself. I know, I know I should be looking for a job; trust me I am working on it (I did like your post about the American icon…the double wide). Back to what I was saying, I am just taking a tiny break…I need to look at something else every once in a while so my eyes don’t roll out of my head. Well, back to the virtual world of the job hunt…wish me luck. Oh, what do you want for dinner? Call me and let me know…

Blogeline said...

Oohhhh...isn't that sweet??
Thanks babe.