Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Monday morning on a Tuesday

Well mainly this is another metro post. People are so stupid and inconsiderate. My shoulder hurts from running into so many dumbasses. I think I'll have a bruise by tonight. What's up with thsoe idiots standing in front of open metro doors but not getting in, making it hard for everybody else to pass them and get on the train? Especially when you're running towards it because the doors are about to close....that's when I got my main shoulder injury this morning. Or those people that realize right when the doors close that they have to get off and run out standing in front of the doors and look around because this seems to be the best spot to figure out where to go?
Then on to the farecard vending amchines or whatever they are called. I had to fill up my smartrip card this morning because yesterday about 1000 tourists crowded around every single machine trying to figure out hwo to follow the directions on the machines. Since I really wanted to arrive at home before midnight I though I just take care of it this morning. No problem, right? There are two machines for the smartrip cards I get in line and this metro-dude is helping two girls in front of me and they walk off. My turn right? NO. This bitch walks up front of me and says something to the metro-dude and then when she is done complaining she proceeeds to the vending maching right when the two girls are done-IN FRONT OF ME!!! I hate people. I really do.

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