Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Terminator

I hate bugs.
All bugs. Even though the little ones don't really bother me I still hate them. I get so freaked out sometimes that I could cry. Sick, huh?
I am also a mosquito magnet and constantly get bitten.
So, today, when I finally settled down on the couch and got my book out, I heard this dreadful noise. Some kind of bug in the house. Now, normally I wouldn't get too excited, but not if it is a WASP!
Try to get one of those out from behind the curtains. I got a newspaper and all kinds of tools, just to be even more scared when that thing finally moved away from the window. So, I did what anybody would do. I grabbed the vacuum cleaner. I got the long extension and sucked that thing up. But it was still alive in the canister so I kept the cleaner running until the wasp seemed too exhausted. I thought I could kill it, but I guess they are very resistant. So I got on my "running shoes" and grabbed the canister, ran outside and dumped the contents (wasp included) far, far away in my yard and ran back.
That was about all the excitement I can handle on one weekend.

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