Monday, August 22, 2005


The day has come when I shall not be alone anymore. I will be happy again. Well, I was happy but at least I won’t be lonely anymore and get to eat some real food again. You know, meat and potatoes.
Oh, I did make the Chili this weekend and it was so good.
It’s really easy too, if you have all the right ingredients.

V’s Chili

Get Kidney Beans in a can (one can per person).
Cut up one onion per person and one to two gloves of garlic per person.
For the fat you will need smoked bacon. Just cut it up and heat up in a pan to cook all the fat out. Then you add the onion and fry them a little and then add the garlic. Just let that cook a little, but not too long!!!
The you need some tomato paste. Take about half a tablespoon and mix it with the onions. They need to look really red.
The you need some paprika paste. Just add a little, like a teaspoon. I use the sweet one because I only want the pepper taste but they have hot paste too, so you might like that. Then you add the beans and spice it. Some salt and pepper and if you like it hot add some Chili powder or something in that direction. Now that it’s all cooking nicely you turn the heat down to medium or so and let it cook. You are looking for a nice juicy thick sauce.
He best way to eat is with some nice white bread to dip it in the sauce. I usually like Ciabatta with it but just regular Italian bread will do fine.

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