Friday, August 26, 2005

It’s Friday!!!

Finally it is almost the weekend and so far, we don’t have anything planned...I think.
Oh well. And then there’s just short weeks coming. Next Tuesday I am off!!!! Because I have another dentist appointment….I don’t get how something so small as a tooth can be so expensive to get fixed. I mean I can buy an old beat up car for what I am paying to get my teeth fixed.
Oh well, so I will finally get that stuff done and then we are ready to switch insurance companies…..I am wondering how that is going to go but I am a little anxious. Retiring from the military is way too stressy but so far it’s going good. Yes, my husband retired. Well, officially not until the end of September but all the ceremonies etc. are all over. So, either he finds a job real soon or we’re going to have to move Florida or somewhere where it’s cheap so we can afford a house. It’ll be OK…hopefully.

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