Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Excuse Me?

OK, so I can’t close a door here when I'm taking a break, but when I am sitting here with food in front of me, my mouth full, and trying to not pay attention as to what’s going on behind me, doesn’t that pretty much say “Fuck you, I am on my lunch break and when I don’t get to eat on time I go postal!”?
What’s wrong with people?
Every time. I can count on it, this one person, who is only here temporarily does that.
Food is very important to me, especially lunch. I wait to eat lunch an hour before it is actually time to eat lunch. That makes me so mad.

(Now, don’t think I am this fat, disgusting pig that stuffs food in her mouth, ‘cause I’m not. OK? Now, let me eat, damn it.)

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