Thursday, August 18, 2005

Guess what's for dinner

I am having some delicious liverwurst, or Leberwurst as I would call it, on some nice rye bread. Yummy.
And, what do we have to drink today?

A little note here. When I was looking for a good picture and googled Liebfraumilch, I found an interesting piece of information on it.

One of Germany’s most famous wines is Liebfraumilch. However, its fame remains restricted to export markets and very few Germans would even consider buying bottle for even everyday consumption. This medium dry, fragrant, light, and quaffable wine is originally from the vineyards surrounding the Liebfrauenstift Church (Church of Our Lady) on the outskirts of the town of Worms on the Rhine River.

This is actually true. When I was still living in Germany I cannot recall ever drinking this wine and even though my mom knows it, she doesn't drink it either. I like it. It's nice to drink and, most importantly, CHEAP. You can buy a case without spending too much money and drink it as your regular "house wine".

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