Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday, Monday

And yet again, it is Monday.
Lucky me, I am off tomorrow, but I guess I’m not so lucky, since I will get my teeth drilled until I pass out but, hey, at least I don’t have to go to work, right?
So, the weekend went by fast. The pool party actually happened on Saturday, although I am sad to report, that nobody jumped in the pool. I guess there were occasions in the past but not this weekend.
Oh well, now the preparations for this coming weekend start. Fortunately this will be a long one, which we’ll need, since we will be spending our Saturday at the annual CPO day at King’s Dominion. This year we will actually stay overnight at the wonderful Best Western next door. Maybe we will actually get to go on some rides too.
If you want to know what the CPO day is all about has an article about this year’s event.

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