Monday, August 15, 2005

My new baby

I have finally become un-wired and got a new laptop. Am so excited. Dude, I got a Dell.
I really like it.
Of course my favorite bay is my beloved husband but got a few other ones as well. One of them is my car, which we just paid off. Now I like it even more.

But, the very cutest baby in I have is my nephew. Although I still haven’t seen him in person, I know he is the cutest being on this planet.
He actually made it out of the hospital…on July 4th (perfect date, huh?)
He has 24 hour nurse service and so my brother and his girlfriend (actually fiancĂ© but don’t say anything) had a full house.
I just sent another package with “aunty-loves-you-more-than-anybody” clothes; one of those HAD to have turtles on them. He wore that on my birthday. Anyway, he is doing great and that just makes me and everybody else happy as hell.
I can’t wait to see him, which is hopefully soon.

So, I think those are my babies…for now.

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