Wednesday, August 17, 2005


So, I finally got tired of eating Pizza and sandwiches and such so I went shopping today and got me a nice juicy Steak.....I love beef.
It goes good with beer too.



Anonymous said...

I'm a Romer Pilsner fan myself. ;)


Blogeline said...

Pilsner is good.
Binding, which makes Romer, also makes Clausthaler, which is their non-alcoholic beer or Pils.

PapaScott said...

Mädchen Bier! :-) That's what a friend of mines calls Warsteiner.

I don't suppose you can get Jever out there, though...

Blogeline said...

I don't think you can get it here. My mom drinks Jever. I don't like it.
I have been drinking Warsteiner dunkel (dark), which is really good.
Plus, after all I am a Maedchen (girl) so I can drink girl-beer if I want to;)

PapaScott said...

Well, it is called "Die Königin unter den Bieren", The Queen of Beers. The bride of Budweiser? :-)

Blogeline said...

I wouldn't tough/drink that if it was the last beer on earth...unless, of course, it's the real Budwar.