Monday, March 22, 2004

a real post

...for a change

Ok, since I WILL BE MOVING this week, I will not be posting as much, but that is not really a change since I hardly post anything anyways. So, I will pretty much only be able to post today and tomorrow.
I already took my home computer apart yesterday.
Little note to anybody who is planning on moving soon: DO NOT pack the little twisty thingies until after all of the wires and cables are packed!!!! Unless you don't mind spending a fortune on ziplocks (or using all the ones you have) to separate all of the cables.
I hope I'll be able to put everything back together once it's time to set the computer back up, but I marked the bags pretty good (e.g. "EPSON printer cables").

In other news: not much.
Had a nice but quite weekend. Right now, moving and packing and calling phone companies is pretty much all I do all day, so there's not really anything to post about.

Oh, another hint for people that are moving soon: Try to be very careful in calculating on how fast you will finish books, so as to NOT pack the next book you were planning on reading.

So, I figured I'll just go to a bookstore and get a magazine or something else to read, however I forgot my wallet at home, which is really stupid because I have no money, ID or driver's license, which means I drove my car to the metro stop this morning without a driver's license. So, my husband, who currently suffers from allergies, and probably has nothing better to do, has to meet me at the metro this afternoon and give me my wallet.

Well, that should be it for now....

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