Friday, March 12, 2004

Finally Friday!!!!

This week was weird....I don't know why, but it was.
I can't wait for the weekend.
I was going to bake a cheesecake but it seems that the baking form wanted to be packed already so I guess that'll have to wait until we have moved. But I will be making Goulash (spelling???). It took me all week to get the recipe from my mom and I found some very good Letscho (spelling??? again). I hope it'll work out, but it's not that hard to make. It just takes so long.
Other than that I really need to clean up the bathroom and office so that can be packed. I should go through my clothes as well but I already know that that'll be horrible. I can't throw away stuff, even if I don't wear it anymore. I used to have this really cool and comfortable pullover that my dad gave me. He used to wear it when he was young. It was a knitted one, like sailors wear (not military) and after a while it just started to fall apart but I kept wearing it until it just didn't work anymore. I think it had more holes than anything else. But I kept it for a couple of years until I made up for it by buying about three of those pullovers, one of them an original one. But I don't wear any of them.
Anyways, so I have to get rid of many of such clothes so I expect this to be an emotional weekend....
But what the hell? I am going to move!!!!!!!!

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