Wednesday, March 31, 2004


I have been living without cable TV for about a week now.
On Friday the cable guy came and told me that he couldn't hook us up because our house was not connected to the main cable line, so he called the department responsible for that and they told him that they would take care of that on Monday. So I called Monday to schedule another appointment for Tuesday and asked the customer service representative if they would hook the house up for sure on Monday and he said that this was sure. So, yesterday my husband waited from 2 PM to 6 PM and nobody showed. I came home called the cable company and was told that the house is still not connected. Well, thank you for calling me. So, I got a 20 Dollar credit to my account and now have to call them to ensure thee and then I can schedule another appointment.
What the hell is that?

I am seriously thinking about satellite TV but then I hear all those horror stories about not reception and you have to have receivers in every room, plus I wanted the cable high speed internet.

Anyways, because we are so deprived of TV we decided to watch a movie last night. Well, mainly we wanted to see if the VCR was hooked up right, so I picked the Blairwitch Project. I am not ever watching a movie like that on a weeknight in a brand new home that is empty, ever again.
swear I thought the Blairwitch was going to get me.
But, as you can see I made it....for now.

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