Wednesday, March 31, 2004

New Book

Well, I finally got around to updating my current book I am reading.
You can see that on the left side of this page on the very bottom.
It's a novel that supposedly has some truth to it. The book is called The Da Vinci Legacy by Lewis Perdue. It is very interesting. I like to read about things like that, that involve the church and conspiracies.
After I am done with my current list I am actually starting to read a couple of books about the Holy Grail, but more about that later.
I bought this book because all of my other books were packed up and I found this book at the store around the corner.
I am actually currently reading all of the Anne Rice novels....well, not all but all of the Vampire Chronicles and Witches Stories. I read the first two witching stories when I was younger and so I bought the first three and then started on the Vampire Chronicles. I already have them all but there are about three left to read for me.

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