Monday, April 19, 2004

Water Fall

I always thought those things are kind of cool. They give a little atmosphere. But I never though I'd have one in my garage!!!.
After mowing and all that fun stuff, my husband thought it would be nice to wash the cars. So, up the stairs he went to turn the main water for the hose bib out back on. Well, he did just that and heard the water running and running and thought that he didn't leave the hose on outside. So he went downstairs through the garage to find water coming down from the ceiling...we have an extra room above the garage and in that bathroom is where you turn the hose bib on or off for the back of the house.
So, we called the plumber and the builder and the plumber said that it wasn't an emergency since the leak was not inside the home, but it sounded to him like a frozen/busted pipe over the winter and their warranty doesn't cover that. Well, great, but we only moved in three weeks ago, so it wasn't our responsibility. So, now we have to contact the builder since it seems to be their fault unless something else is wrong with the pipe.
But, that really makes for a great weekend.

Other than that we had a great weekend. The weather was great, although it got really hot. We got new cellphones, something which we have been putting off, so at least something good happened.

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