Wednesday, April 14, 2004

They are all liars....

I know it's hard forecasting the weather, but two days in a row??? Well, they were all right about the rain, but not the temperatures. Yesterday it was supposed to be in the mid 50's or so but it never got above 50 and the same seems to happen today. You weather people suck and should all get fired!
I am checking multiple websites and they all suck. I need the sun and warm weather. This is just so depressing and I have absolutely no energy left to do anything.
Isn't it supposed to be Spring?
I need to move far, far away, to where it's warm and I don't need a weather forecast.

UPDATE: I knew it! I checked my weather bug and the temperatures are actually going down and they lowered the forecasted temperature from 59 to 55. Liars. I told you so. Don't trust them. It's a conspiracy!

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