Monday, April 19, 2004


Very interesting article I just found via the Drudge Report.

Germany may be the land of the $100,000 Mercedes-Benz land yacht, but it's also a land of ebbing wealth, where less than a fifth of the population has discretionary income of more than $375 a month, where even haut bourgeois families will lay out for a fancy car but stint on the staples. Thus Aldi stores are found not only in working-class neighborhoods but also in wealthy communities like Bad Homburg, a Frankfurt suburb where the Aldi parking lot is thick with BMWs and Mercedes. A cookbook devoted to recipes using Aldi ingredients has sold 1 million copies, and there is even a connoisseur's guide to Aldi wines, which often sell for a few dollars a bottle. A recent survey by Nuremberg-based market researcher GfK found that Aldi is Germany's third-most-respected corporate brand, just behind electronics giant Siemens (SI ) and auto maker BMW -- and ahead of DaimlerChrysler (DCX ).

I have seen a couple Aldi stores over here already and have been in them. I like it. I used get booze and snack food there when I was younger living in Germany since it was so cheap.
One thing I am unsure about is if people will see it the same way they do in Germany.
As it said almost everybody shops at Aldi in Germany, but when I went here you can see that this is not so. First they are located in low income neighborhoods. I also think that Americans don't think the same way. Sometimes it seems they want to go Fresh Field because its "better". I am even like that sometimes.

One thing I didn't know that Trader Joe's was owned by an Aldi trust. I like that store.
Very interesting article.

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