Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We heard it!!!

Yesterday we had our very first ultrasound appointment and we got to hear the heartbeat of our little one. It was the most amazing thing ever, for now. I had to cry when I heard it, How can something so tiny make such a beautiful sound? We saw one sac and only one little one in there, so it won’t be twins.

We are now officially done with the wonderful IVF folks at Walter Reed and have decided to be safe and go with the OB at Bethesda Navy hospital. GO Navy! They are better prepared for high risk pregnancies etc., so I don’t mind having a longer drive out there. I will make my appointment on Monday, so we’ll see when they can see me there.

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Lucy said...

Congrats!! I really hope to be in your shoes in a month from now or a few weeks from timing is so screwed up. Me and the hubby leave for WR tommrow to start our adventure with IVF. I had to show my husband your medicine picture he cracked up and said house keeping is going to get a laugh out of that in our hotel room! I hope you have a great pregancy and congrats again!!