Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I am confused...

Ok, I talked to my brother the other day (he lives in Germany) and we thought it would be funny if we were both reading the same book and could talk about it then (very intelligent huh?)
Anyway, he told me the author (Stephen Fry) and the title in German (Der Sterne Tennisballe). and I thought I could simply find it on amazon.com...right?
Well, none of Stephen Fry's books on amazon have a title that sound remotely close to what my brother told me so.....I started reading the reviews and all that to figure out what the story was and then figured it must be "Revenge". I did search for "tennis balls" and did not find anything.
So, I ordered it (in hardcover, which I hate) and told my brother proudly this weekend. Well, he told em that the title in English, which also happens to be the original title is "The Stars' Tennis Balls". Really?
So today I have searching and searching and what did find: the US version is called "Revenge" and the British version is called "The Stars' Tennis Balls". How stupid is that? You can, by the way, order the British version on amzon.com..and it is a Paperback, but now I am stuck with my other copy. Well, I hope it's good.
So, if anyone is reading it too, I will probably start with it tomorrow, since it should arrive today.

I did not order it in the Hardcover edition...I don't know why I thought I did, but I just checked and I will receive my beloved Paperback.

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