Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Waiting Game

You know what’s the most frustrating thing about this whole IVF process is? The wait after they transfer your embryos back. See, I went in last Thursday to have the eggs removed. They then fertilized them and transferred them back on Sunday. Note, not all were transferred, as I had 10 eggs that fertilized, but we chose to stick with only two little ones, Now, it’s been 3 days and nothing has happened. I had no appointments and feel OK (finally). Next Thursday, the 15th is when I finally get to take a blood test to see if it all worked and I am actually pregnant. Until then I get to sit here and imagine what’s going on inside me, or not.


dashrew00 said...


I found your blog while searching the Internetfor info on Walter Reed's IVF program. Right now, DH and I are in San Antonio being seen at Wilford Hall, but we'll be moving to Andrews AFB next month. I've been having trouble with IUIs, so I was hoping that my RE would recommend me for IVF. I've been told thay we'll most likely need ICSI. Can you tell me how long the waiting list is? THanks so much. I hope you have a BFP waiting for you!!

Blogeline said...

We went through orientation at Walter Reed in May and were able to go through the August cycle; however we decided to wait until October. I know they warn you that there is a 6 month waiting list, however if you get all you medical check-ups and tests done quickly and once you are financially cleared you are good. They only do 4 cycles a year, January, April, August and October and then they only have a limited number of openings each cycle.
Our experience with Walter Reed was and still is great. We got our BFP last Thursday!
If you have any questions, just email me:
Good Luck!