Thursday, April 14, 2005


I am just tired and burned out.
After trying to finish this month's works in 2 weeks I got home just to clean the room, where my parents are going to be staying....
Now it's the bills that I have to pay and clean up my desk to where everything is done. I wish I was done so I can just watch some TV and go to bed, but no, I have yet to file all the paperwork from the last month.
I have no energy left, but knowing that tomorrow is going to be busy I will get everything done tonight.
Tomorrow I have to go shopping and get gas, and beer (really).
At around 4 PM I'll be waiting at Dulles to get my parents. MY dad confided in me today that he still is going to bring his Cuban cigars even though my mom told him not to. I can't wait to see her face once he lights up outside of the airport...
I am so looking forward to hang out with them, even though my planner is full, like it never is.
We'll have so much fun.
I also talked to my brother and everything is going good with my little baby. He's off the antibiotics (he had pneumonia), so now the seizures or cramps should be less since that is a side-effect. He is growing and is starting to look chubby, which I think is a good sign.

Anyways, I am gonna get back to my bills....

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