Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Ok, I know what date it is and all, but I just now really, realized (I mean REALLY), that I only have tomorrow left to work and then I get to entertain my parents for two weeks!!!!
Part of that time we'll be spending in Florida (to meet my mother-in-law), but mostly we'll be here at home. Luckily they were in DC before so we don't have to do the whole "look at the mall" thing again.
I kind of feel bad though, since my nephew is still in the hospital and they have been helping my brother out so much and now I take them away from him. But it was planned for a long time so nobody knew what was going to happen. I just hope we'll be able to keep in tough and know the latest updates.

Of course, just having one day left in the month to finish work makes it all the more pleasant to be here, but mostly I am trying to ignore it, which means I don't do anything.
I hope I get my energy back once I am home because there is still a lot of work to do. I better CLEAN everything or else my Mom will spend this weekend cleaning my house. She is nice about it though, not annoying. She really does like cleaning and wants to help.

I am sure it'll be fine. Now I just have to survive the rest of today and tomorrow and then I get to relax and enjoy myself.

Oh, I have t get more beer....

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