Thursday, March 17, 2005


So, I just really realized it was St. Patrick's Day this morning at work. Not that I really care, except for the license to drink (but not drive!!). And then I thought about the whole wearing something that's green thing and all and, of course, I don't. I don't ever do that, but in Germany they don't celebrate or even talk about St. Patrick's Day (not that I know of at least), so I do have an excuse. Plus, why would they??
Anyway, so I was thinking of maybe something that could be green that I am wearing and thought about the stripes in the front of my socks that are green and then I had it (thought with the accent of the Dyson dude)!!! My underwear is green!!! Not that I would show them but still. But then the weird thing happened. I remembered that last year I wore the same pair of underwear. That's strange. And I am sure of that because I don't have a lot of green underwear…matter of fact I think that's the only pair…..
Must be something subconscious. Hey, maybe I am partly Irish??????

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