Friday, March 04, 2005

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my nephew's birthday.
He is a whole month old now!!!!! He was a little early and has been worrying everybody here lately but each day brings better news. He is very tiny, being 3 weeks early, but the doctors also said he was already two weeks behind which totals it to 5 weeks early (???). He has a recessed chin which makes his little tiny mouth even tinier and so he has trouble eating (drinking?) and they have this feeding tube to give him the rest when he is done and falling asleep. Also, he has those cramps, where he just tightens up and about a week after he was born he started having seizures too so they did all kinds of tests to determine that he is epileptic but his brain doesn't have any problems, meaning the brain looks normal. But he does have some water pockets that are normal in newborns and also his brain ist a little underdeveloped. So they say he's normal but has seizures or's really complicating to me because I get my information through my parents and I hardly get to speak to my brother since they are always at the hospital. So everything is second-hand but I get the overall idea that everybody is happy. For a while they though he had some birth defect but they luckily ruled that out.
They are hoping he will be released soon...maybe next week. And of course, I as the cool aunt already sent a package and am already working on the next one. You can never have enough baby clothes...especially cute little boots and hats....

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