Monday, October 01, 2007

The never-published Post

Well, it should be more like the never-written post, but there were attempts over the last two months.

It has been somewhat stress-full lately, leading up to this month, which I like to call conception month. For the last three weeks I have been taking the birth control pill, even though I don’t even want to control that. Now I am on Lupron, which I have to inject myself with each night. Today was actually my first shot. It is quite different if you’re giving yourself a shot or somebody else as I have done many times before with my stepson when he was still on growth hormone. But all went well and I am still alive.

Reading over all the side effects and especially patients’ comments doesn’t make me feel too good about Lupron, but I keep in mind that most of them took it for other reasons.

I take it to completely suppress all production of eggs as the clinic, meaning my doc and the nurses would like to control that part of my cycle.

I am not very good at describing such medical details, but I hope my few readers (are there any?) will get the gist of this.

Now, the plan is for me to continue this for about two weeks. I will actually stop with the pill this weekend. Then, is my so-called baseline appointment which is meant to get a good reading of the status of my status (??). Then I will get more meds, which are then designed to overproduce eggs. They are called super-ovulatory drugs. Once that is done, the eggs will be retrieved and fertilized and then put back and then all should go well from there. While I am looking forward for that day, I am trying to keep focused on what is happening right now.

So, if I won’t post for another two months or so, you know why.

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