Friday, April 07, 2006

New Ride

So I am trying to buy a new car and in order to avoid any headaches I am doing everything online via e-mail. I thought it would be easy to just e-mail the dealership and say this is the car I want and nothing else. I made it clear that I only want this model with those colors and those options. I don’t care if I have to wait weeks for my car because I want it MY WAY and they have to order it. Well, think again. It has been over a week since I started this and just now I am staring to get good quotes. I am in contact with four dealerships since I want the best deal. I refuse to call Don or Tony or David or whatever their names are because I hate talking to car sales people. They’re evil.
Hah, speaking of the devil. One of them just outbid the others…..

Update: I guess we got it! We’ll go tomorrow and if everything goes well I’ll order my new car!!

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