Monday, May 03, 2004


That is all I can say. I feel really dumb. So, I went out and got my cable modem and because I am very "safe" I decided to get a Router too, since that one has a firewall as well. Well, wouldn't you know that my stupid f*****g computer doesn't have an Ethernet port thingie. How stupid am I, so I bought an adapter today. But my USB Hub is acting up, my PC doesn't see it anymore. It says that the connection speed is too low. I had that before and all I did was restart the computer and unplug the hub and then plug it back in when I needed it. Well, surely I will not run modem using that hub. After all I do have two slots, but I have a printer that uses a USB cable, pus I only have one printer port but two printers and then I have my digital camera. So many things and I am the stupid idiot trying to figure it all out. Soon, I will have that whole computer completely destroyed because I don't know anything about it but act like it.
And what was my solution? I am looking around for a new computer, but I don't need an extra monitor since I already have one extra one in the basement. I don't know.
I need a really good book to read that'll teach me something more about all that. All those "Computer 101" books at home just don't do it for me....or maybe I just never really read them.

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