Tuesday, May 04, 2004


Do you know that when all of a sudden everything turns chaotic???
Ok, so last night we get ready to go to bed. 10.5 is over we turn the TV off and my husband remembers to take the trash out since tomorrow is trash day. I say that I'll get the new trash bags from the basement since we're out upstairs. Well, where did I put them? See, we had a roll of trash bags when we moved, but I buy those in bulk so I usually have a box full of those, but I can't find them. So, we look all over the house. ALL over. But no trash bags. I feel bad because I know there were there but I must have misplaced them and we look for something that we could use instead for now. After a while we decide we look in the garage again since we had all of those boxes sitting there and maybe we missed that one. No. No trash bags. So, we decide that it really was time to go to sleep now and.....locked the garage door.....no keys!!!! Fun, ey?
So, what shall we do? Daughter sleeps upstairs but hardly ever wakes up with an alarm clock. It's raining outside. So, my husband goes around the house and rings the door bell, calls for his daughter and after about 15 minutes I hear that he is inside. He opens the door, let's me in and we go to bed an hour after we planned to do so without accomplishing anything. Boy, did I have a good night sleep.

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