Thursday, February 26, 2004

More overreacting

After the "outrageous" Super Bowl Halftime show, it is now the radio broadcasters' turn to suffer for their "indecencies".
Shock Jock Howard Stern was pulled off the air by Clear Channel Communications on its six stations.
This comes after a caller used the N-word. Note, that it was a caller not Howard Stern.

What the hell is wrong with people?
Now that the FCC started its crusade everybody scrambles to "fix" everything.
Don and Mike can't mention any body parts or use bathroom humor anymore. Budweiser's commercial will not be shown during the Oscar's.

How about people that get offended by breasts or sexual content or bathroom humor just turn off the TV or Radio, or switch the station and watch the Disney Channel? Get over it!

This is the dumbest thing ever and it pisses me off that a bunch of stuck-up idiots can control what I laugh about, watch or listen to.

Oh, and in case you would like to let Clear Channel Communications know what you think, their contacts are listed here.

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